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ANST - Automated Note Search Tool

Automated Note Search Tool: A new approach to troubleshooting

ANST is a versatile tool that helps narrow down the root cause of a functional issue or a dump. Apart from context based Note search capabilities, ANST also detects customer code and customizing tables during the replication of the issue leading to much faster resolution.

  • ANST searches Note to solve a specific issue based on the issue replication at the customer system.
  • This is a completely new and better approach for searching SAP Notes as compared to traditional way.

How does it work

  • Note search is based on ABAP Trace
  • Trace can be saved for future reference. Useful in case you encounter same problem later.
  • Customizing option: Customizes object types to be displayed in the trace.
  • Only relevant Notes for the system are displayed since the Support Package level is taken into account

Troubleshooting with ANST

  • Benefits support specialists, Consultants, developers
  • Detects Customer Code and the customizing tables involved leading faster troubleshooting.
  • Debugging tool especially for custom implementation.

Getting started

  • To learn more: SAP Knowledge Base Article 1818192 Automated Note Search Tool
  • Before using ANST for the first time, read note 1909768
  • Mandatory entries in table : ANST_SETTINGS

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