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SAP Picture generator

A big description is not needed… here is just 3 screenshot of the program:

When the program is started


When the fields are completed


The result


Where the datas are stored ?

By default, the content of the listboxes is stored in a .ini file in this directory:

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\\ledSapPicture

If you want you can specify a different config file in parameter of the program, like:

ledSapPicture.exe \\Server\Share\Folder\config.ini

Create a Windows shortcut and store it in the same folder than the application.

How to use this picture ?

Set customizing

This step must be done once by system.

With transaction /nSM30 edit the table SSM_CUST.

Property Value Comment
START_IMAGE Z<SID>_01 by example: ZSI1_01

Open the system

Use transaction /nSE06 → custo and /nSCC4 → workbench

Import image in SAP

Use transaction /nSMW0 and choose:

Web object Binary data for Web RFC applications
Object name Z*


Select objet Z<SID>_01

Menu Web object → Import

Select the file created with ledSAPpicture

Close the system

Use transaction /nSE06 → custo and /nSCC4 → workbench.


No installation is needed, just uncompress the file and execute the program.

This program is a freeware. User it at your own risks !

Don't forget to read the END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.

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