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Groups & Users

This program allows you to easily navigate the active directory groups. You can see which groups a user is connected and what the users in a given group.

Main window

After selecting a group, you can show all users assigned to this group:

Users in a group

You can also find all groups of all users selected and show who is in wich group

Users's groups comparison

You can show full name of users and comments of groups if you want.

The same actions are possible with groups of a user.


No installation is needed, just uncompress the file and execute the program.

This program is a freeware. User it at your own risks !


  • 10.01.2017 - 2.2
    • Bug Correction
      • Corrected the label of the “Advanced comparison” button
  • 06.01.2017 - 2.1
    • Bug Correction
      • Comment & full name disapear when showing user informations
    • New functionality
      • Executale is now signed
  • 24.08.2016 - 2.0
    • Bug correction
      • Error when retriving program parameters
    • New functionality
      • Add auto select when a group or an user is selected (activate it in the configuration dialog box)


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Don't forget to read the END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.


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